VizVis can create everything you desire, virtual worlds to walk through and interact with. Photo-realistic images and animations or the combination of the two.

VizVis works since 2011 on projects for Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Project Developers, Museums, Game Developers, Web Developers, Government Projects and Archaeologists.

Since 2018 The Virtual World is a platform to enter your 3D virtual world, even with VR glasses.

Worked together with:
Kaliber, FutureBrand UXUS, VELUX, The Missing Link, DeRode3D, Hogeschool Utrecht, De Meeuw, NWO, Regieorgaan-SIA, CODA Museum Apeldoorn, Stichting, Gemeente Boxmeer, Gemeente Apeldoorn, Museum Elburg, Dom Under, Gemeente Zaanstad, Diederendirrix, Quince, Zwartlicht, Rhinofly, Audi Nederland, Jumbo, Tribewise, Uniboek/Het Spectrum, Perspekt Studios, Ecomare